Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your enthusiastic interest in joining us! We are an excellent company and are now actively looking for people with lofty ideals to join our online marketing team. Here is some important information about our company and job openings:

Company Overview: We are an online gaming company based on the sharing economy. We will promote the market in 180 countries around the world and are committed to providing high-quality products/services. We have a dynamic and experienced team that pursues excellence and sets industry standards. We advocate teamwork, provide a positive working environment, and encourage employees to continue to grow and develop.

Position: Business People We are looking for proactive, goal-oriented business people to work with us to build the future of our company. You‘ll have the opportunity to participate in and influence the direction of the company and enjoy the sense of accomplishment of succeeding in a highly competitive market.

Job content:

1. No work location requirement

2. No restrictions on working hours

3. As long as you have a mobile phone with Internet access, you can work. Share your business-specific promotion code on various social media and invite the Internet to register as a member.

4. Performance Appraisal: We need to find 35 valid members to register every day (you can check it in your personal record) and become valid members (you are not allowed to create fake accounts, which refers to members who are playing games normally). After completion, you will be paid a basic salary of 175 INR , you can withdraw money to your bank account at noon the next day.


1. You can earn 200INR by finding one person to recharge. Currently, on average, a business can find three members to recharge a day, which means that you can earn 600INR in a day and 18000INR in a month.

2. The stored value amount is 500INR, the performance bonus is 40%, and the guaranteed basic salary is 175INR.

3. Salary = Basic salary or performance bonus, the higher amount will be paid. If the performance appraisal requirements are completed and there is still no deposit, we will pay the guaranteed basic salary after completing the daily performance appraisal. No If the specified performance appraisal is achieved, no salary will be paid on that day.

4. The minimum guaranteed monthly salary is 5250 INR, and the maximum performance bonus may exceed 18000INR, depending on personal efforts. Salary is paid every day, which is safe and guaranteed.

5. The business account is independent. Unlike the original seventh-level dealer account, both parties can operate at the same time.

6. The work account is a public account. The purpose is to record your work status, salary and performance bonus. In addition to receiving salary and performance bonus, the money won in the wallet cannot be collected and is for display only.

7. If the performance is not good, the company has the right to terminate the cooperation after paying the salary.

What we expect from you:

Positive and optimistic work attitude

Good interpersonal communication skills

Be a team player

Able to share information online to the community

Reasons to join us:

1. Generous salary and performance bonus: Guaranteed basic salary plus generous performance bonus, so that your efforts will be substantially rewarded.

2. Career development opportunities: We provide good online training programs to help you continue to grow.

3. Positive team culture: Here, you will work with a group of energetic colleagues who share a common goal and pursue success together.

If you are excited about this opportunity and think you have what we need, please click I want to apply immediately, fill in the complete information and send it, and you can start working. If you have any questions, 24-hour customer service can answer them immediately. your problem. We look forward to working with you to create a better future!

Thank you for your attention and support,

Recruiting team